Atlas District

the atlas district

Creating a Multi-Use Development for the Community

ignite cda’s third and newest district, the Atlas District, was formed by the city council in December 2018. The district consists of 68 acres and includes the property that was the former Atlas Mill site. The City purchased the eastern portion (47 acres) of the old mill site and transferred that property to ignite cda for redevelopment.  The graphic below illustrates the 2021 development status of the district controlled by ignite cda. The western portion of the district is being redeveloped by the private sector into multi-family residential.

The district will expire in 2038.

Legend – The area in green is the Atlas District.

Note: Although we have made every effort to give the public an accurate view of the Atlas District area this map is only an approximate and not a legal binding district map. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.