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Something remarkable happens when people unite around shared interests. Visions align. Ideas take shape. Communities thrive.

As the city’s urban renewal agency, we want what you want. Healthier neighborhoods. More attractive public spaces. A strong local economy. Quality jobs and housing for everyone. And we support key redevelopment projects to help make sure those things happen, ultimately providing even more reasons to love living here.

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Public Notices and Documents

As approved by the board of commissioners, ignite cda is providing funding for the Performance Arts & Event Center Market Analysis and Feasibility Study as reccommended by CDA 2030, Inc.

CDA 2030, Inc. issued a Request for Proposals on Thursday, September 28, 2017 to invite competitive proposals from qualified vendors to produce the Performance Arts & Event Center Market Analysis and Feasibility Study. Any individuals, profit or nonprofit organizations, business or governmental agencies may apply. CDA 2030, Inc. is an equal opportunity affirmative action entity.

This product will serve as a general overview of facility needs and resources, a reference of statistics and trends, and a general tool to inform fiscal approaches for implementation and operational sustainability. The ideal study should also provide a measured assessment of present and future unmet facilities demand.

Deadline for submitting proposals will be November 3, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. No proposals will be accepted after this date and time. Read the full ROP below.